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If you have a question that is not listed, or our answers do not provide you with enough details, contact our customer service who will be more than glad to help. Free call : 0805 10 2000

Phonexpat Line
Do I need a phone line ?
To make calls you need a phone line, so it makes sense to have your line with Phonexpat as well as your calls so all your phone charges are on one convenient bill.

Phonexpat will be your one point of contact for your phone service. For any queries about your bill, faults or amends to occur on your line rental, simply call our Customer Services Team

How is my line transferred to Phonexpat ?
It's really easy to join us as take care of all the paperwork hassle with your old supplier for you. You keep the same physical line and phone number number, therefore avoid any visit or work on your line from engineers
Do i have to inform France Télécom of you taking over the line ?
We take care of everything, you do not have to get in touch with France Telecom. The transfer will be automatic.
Do i keep the same phone number ?
Yes, you keep the same phone number.
How long does it take for you to take over the line ?
Once we have received your form filled in and signed, together with a copy of your last France Telecom bill, it takes us 1 week to make the switch.
I paid my line rental to France Télécom for the two months to come, do I have to wait to connect to the new offer line included ?
No, if you have paid France Telecom in advance, they will reimburse you the line rental from the moment you connected to us.
I have a Direct Debit payement with France Télécom, do I have to cancel it ?
No, you do not have to. It will be done automatically by France Telecom.
Is my France Telecom line altered in any way ?
You will in fact still be connected to France Telecom physically. The only change that occurs is in the billing of your telephone expenses.
Your existing Internet connections will not be altered at all (even if you are with another provider).
What if I have a fault on my line ?
We will of course take care of everything. It will just be as it is right now : France Telecom will intervene on your line in case of any technical issue. We will contact them for you and follow the case until everything is solved.
We will become your intermediaries.
Will I be able to keep the service options I already have with France Telecom, such as Message Service, Number or name Display ....
Yes you will be able to get the same options.
Can I change from one package to the other ?
Yes you can, within reason. For example; you may start on package with a limited time of free minutes (ex, LINE MICRO) and then decide to change to an ‘Unlimited’ package (ex,LINE MIDI), but the transfer will take place at the start of the next calendar month. We will always try and carry out your wishes within reason.


Phone calls
How do I make a call with Phonexpat ?
NO prefix or code to add. When making a call you dial the the same numbers as you used to do with your original telephone company (example France Telecom)
Are we invoiced when the call fails ?
No. Billing by Phonexpat begins at the time your call is actually connected


@ Broadband
How quickly can I be connected to the Broadband ADSL ?
To connect you to the ADSL Broadband, it takes us 7 to 10 days, following receipt of your application.
Do I have to get another line if I want to connect to the internet broadband ?
No, one telephone line and one telephone socket will be enough.
At what speed will my broadband sercice run ?
It all depends on the distance that separates your house from the local exchange, you can get up to 20 000 kbit / secondes. The minimum speed we can offer to you for a broadband connection is 512 kbps which is a long way faster than the old fashion 56 kbps dial-up connections. A test of your line will be made by our systems to inform you about the speed you can get.
Which are the minimum system requirement to connect to broadband ?
For PC, Windows XP or higher with at least 128 Mo of active memory, Ethernet port.
For Mac, Mac OS 10.5 or higher with at least 256 Mo of active memory, Ethernet port
*Remember, your PC or Mac computer must have a Wi-Fi card or airport card (built -in or external) in order to use the wireless feature.
How can I get technical assitance ?
Our engineers speak fluent English, French and Spanish.
Our helpline is available from Monday until Friday, from 9am to 6pm.
We provide you with a set-up guide that enables you to make the connections yourself step by step. It takes at most 10 minutes to install. In case you face any problems just call our installation team they will be able to help you over the phone.
Is there any charges to get technical help ?
It is completely free. Please call : 0805 10 2000.
Will I have a Phonexpat e-mail address ?
We do not provide you with an e-mail address, you have to create your own on a site like or : you can then keep your e-mail address for life, whoever your provider is.
Is your modem Wi-Fi ?
Yes*, you only have to enable it in the modem’s internal configuration following simple written instructions or by calling Phonexpat so we can do it with you over the telephone.
*Remember, your PC must have a wi-fi card (buit-in or external) in order to use this feature.
Can I use a modem of another internet provider ?
Only if you know how to access the internal configuration of those routers/modems* to change some settings to connect to our systems.
*We can not guarantee the internet connection with any other modem different than ours.
Can I connect several PCs to the modem ?
2 with an Ethernet cable and as many as you wish wireless*.
*Remember, your PC must have a wi-fi card (buit-in or external) in order to use this feature.
What do I do if my internet stop working ?
First of all : “don’t panic” and call us right away on 0805 10 2000. Our engineers and technicians are here to help you solve your internet connection. If you remember please write down the last thing you do with your PC before the issue started, this can help speed up the troubleshooting process.


@ Dialup
What is the difference between DIAL-UP and BROADBAND ADSL ?
Both enable you to get on the Internet.
DIAL-UP connects you to the Internet through your telephone line : your computer dials a telephone number from its built-in modem.You will not be able to use the Internet and the telephone at the same time whereas with BROADBAND ADSL, it is possible and, you will also get a much faster connection speed
How quikly can I be connected to the Dial-Up ?
You can be connected to the dial-up system, within the hour.


C Company
Who is Phonexpat ?
PHONEXPAT is a French Telecom company founded in 2001. Today, Over 10 000 customers have already put their trust in us.
Were is your company located ?
Our company offices and call center are situated in St Germain en Laye, in the western suburb of Paris next to Versailles (department 78).
Do i get a monthly bill ?
Yes. You will get a monthly itemized invoice at the beginning of each month, e-mailed to your inbox. Any account using less than 7€ will be held over to the next month.
How do I pay ?
Payment is by French Bank Direct Debit (prélèvement) which must include a printed RIB from your bank or by Visa/Mastercard debit or credit card. Your account will be debited around the 15th of the month.
How con you manage to offer such interesting prices ? What is the catch ?
There is no “catch”. We just want the best for our customers : best prices and best service. Our marketing team is very alert concerning competition and we are proud to say that since 2001


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